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Resin dispensing system   

Profitable, versatile, cost effective and limited only by your imagination, the CADRAM Resin Dispensing System can be used to create a range of lead style decorative resin designs for windows, door displays and corporate signage on glass and other media.

The CADRAM System

Image of CADRAM dispensing systemThe CADRAM resin dispensing system was specifically designed for the decorative glazing industry. Designs are created using scanned images or original drawings produced using software such as Corel, AutoCAD or Adobe. The resulting designs are then exported to CADRAM's own operating software - Artplot and from there the drawing is transferred to the Production Table. The glass or other media is positioned on the table and the design is then automatically and accurately plotted using the selected resins. Once the resins have hardened, infill areas can then be coloured using CADRAM infill solutions to complete the design.

Why is it better?

Traditional handcrafted leaded glass design has long been recognised for its beauty and its impact. But it is still handcrafted and thus prone to human error,  high labour costs as well as weakness in the lead, discolouration and natural wear. The crucial difference is that with CADRAM the designs do not use lead strip but utilise UV stable, colourfast and weather-resistant resins, automatically applied via a computer-controlled dispensing machine. This makes the glass designs more resilient, and better able to cope with wear and weather. With a wide range of pigments available, resins can be mixed into virtually any shade to match specific requirements. Our new MK 4 machine has recently been launched.

The CADRAM resin dispensing system can be used to easily create  simple decorative or complex graphic designs.

Cost effective and time saving

The CADRAM resin dispensing system can be used to create simple decorative designs for windows, door panels, mirrors, cabinet doors and more. It can also create complex graphic designs and so offers enormous potential for bespoke signage, window and door displays, corporate identities, or domestic graphics - markets which were perhaps previously unrealistic. Any designs created can be reproduced with total accuracy by anyone who has the most basic computer knowledge and even the most complex and creative applications no longer require the costly skills of a highly experienced decorative glazing technician. The system is also perfect for follow-up orders, repairs or replacements.

Inspired by you - designed in the UK

With so much new technology now originating from other parts of the world, it is refreshing to know that machines, software and resins are developed and produced by Cadram Ltd - in the UK - the home of invention. Creative resin designs are now easily achieved.

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