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LYNX-1 & 2

Enhance your range of products with the Lynx-1 & 2 application machines. Add profitability while you create the illusion of Cut-Glass effect and Lead tape designs at a fraction of the cost.

CADRAM are the UK & European distributors of 3M™ Accentrim™ products which are an innovative series of tapes that replicate the beauty of Brilliant-cut Glass, V-groove and Edge-bevel. CADRAM were commissioned by 3M™ to develop a machine specifically to apply their Accentrim™ tape for the UK and European market with the same accuracy and cost effectiveness as their resin dispensing system. rom here we developed two machines - Lynx-1 purely for the Accentrim™ tape market and Lynx-2, a larger machine for the application of Lead, with the possibility of combining the Accentrim™ tape facility at an extra cost.


The base model of the CADRAM Accentrim™ dispensing range, the Lynx-1 is for the application of Accentrim™ tape. Lynx-1 will only lay tape horizontally and vertically at 90-degree angles - for simpler designs and simulated cut-glass projects. The Lynx-1 can be used either with manual input at the machine keypad interface or online as with typical glass production facilities.

Remove the last labour-intensive application job (lead glass design) in the glass industry with a Lynx-2.


This machine is a larger version of the Lynx-1 shown above, with an increased drive capacity that was developed for the automatic application of lead design incorporating Diamond and Georgian patterns and the more ornate patterns seen across Britain. The Lynx-2 is capable of producing virtually any straight - line designs produced with CAD systems. The system is simple, easy and cost effective. Designs can be created at the Beckoff interface touch screen, PC or online DXF transfer via a network connection.



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