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Tabletop Resin Dispensing Machine
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Cadram have added a new, small and cost effective method of automated resin dispensing to their range of machines with the introduction of a Table Top Machine. This innovative machine gives the smaller user the opportunity to create the same stunning work without the need for a large investment. Its’ lightweight, modular design also means that it takes up little space in the workshop and can even be stored upright. Weighing in at just 18kgs it gives the user the opportunity to take the machine anywhere for demonstrations or “on site” work. Designed as a frame, this machine is placed over or onto the glass and allows plotting onto any size glass or other media. The only limit is the maximum plot size of 915mm x 560mm, although the machine can easily be moved and positioned to accommodate larger designs.  The equipment comes with all that is needed (including 1 Litre of  Black Outline Resin) to start producing - requiring only a computer or laptop to be attached. Using Cadram’s latest software and selecting 1 of the 500 preloaded designs, work can be started within minutes of receiving the machine. As with all our products the Table Top machine comes with the reliability expected from a Cadram machine, a 12 months parts and labour warranty, technical support when required and of course a 10 year warranty on our resins.